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mp3 böcker gratisDate: Tu, 29.11.2011, 19:24 | Message # 16
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</a> Also några gratisprover ytterligare erbjudanden är tillgängliga på Internet.

com? Denna webbplats stoltserar med gratis, 100% laglig musik.
"]gratis tävlingar
[/url] På sprida folkvett kommer de att kunna inrikta in feedback från dem som kommer att använda produkten ytterligare anpassa produkten till en mer förbättrad one.
by designDate: We, 30.11.2011, 05:47 | Message # 17
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franklinetmarshallcDate: Su, 04.12.2011, 12:44 | Message # 18
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bruireelulleyDate: Mo, 05.12.2011, 15:04 | Message # 19
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beatsdgchDate: Tu, 06.12.2011, 05:55 | Message # 20
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ecbgrla494Date: Su, 11.12.2011, 21:57 | Message # 21
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LipsLauhmapDate: Tu, 13.12.2011, 01:00 | Message # 22
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MyncAsyncDate: Tu, 20.12.2011, 18:37 | Message # 24
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zestrprkeDate: We, 21.12.2011, 02:21 | Message # 25
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holorgoJemoDate: We, 21.12.2011, 02:23 | Message # 26
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ArrerFencuhvDate: Th, 22.12.2011, 23:16 | Message # 27
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forexnewbieotDate: Fr, 23.12.2011, 11:12 | Message # 28
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I bought iphone, I would like trade fx with iphone.
So I found only two companies have forex software which can be used on iphone. So at least I can check my positions.

Oanda is one. It spent me two days to get verified of my account.
Then the next day, one guy called me and asked me to deposit my account.
With the instruction, I transferred S$1000 and sent notification and documents.
But 3 days later, the money is still not in my account.

In their website, the money will be in my account within 2 days.
I called Oanda, the customer service checked long time, and told me I need verify the bank account is mine.
OK, I scanned the bank book to them. One day later, money is not in my account.
I called Oanda again. They said, The transaction is in Canada.
I waited another day, I called Oanda, they said everthing is fine. Canada office is working on this.

The iphone fx software has a bug, I called Oanda how to solve it, the guy didn't know,
but he said he will call me back.
But I am waiting forever for his call back.

I sent email for the fund issue, but until now nobody even replied my email.

I just wonder why Oanda don't take their customers serious?

I have several fellow students from forex course, they opened account with the other broker who also have iphone app.
They are very easy to get acount verified and get money transferred. introduces this broker for the narrow pips spead, ECN updating and a lot of useful tools.

I am switching my account to them now.

But I don't know when I can get my money from Oanda. I am still waiting...
I searched on the internet, a lot of people are also compalining oanda's crazy pips spead during news time which may go as wider as 40 pips...

I will write this review to as many forums as possible to let new forex trader know the bad customer service!!!
HinyfruimumDate: Fr, 23.12.2011, 16:16 | Message # 29
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OwewraragohugDate: Fr, 23.12.2011, 18:37 | Message # 30
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